Meet Laura, a sonic explorer born in in Germany -based in Berlin, with also roots from a small country in the middle of the Amazon jungle called Guyana & from England, weaving a musical tapestry that defies convention.

Laura’s voice is a versatile instrument, ranging from velvet-like lows to smoky jazzy mid-tones and powerful, diva-esque highs with a mysterious tremolo—a symphony from a bygone era, wonderfully familiar yet pleasantly strange. 

Raised in a strictly, special Christian apocalyptic community, with fundamentalist roots she found her very own freedom&happiness in music&poetry. She had almost no chance of pursuing a career and learned all skills by herself. Her musical journey began unexpectedly during a wild night in a techno club in Munich, where she discovered her latent talent while accompanying a street musician spontaneously. This revelation sparked a transformative journey through the USA & South America, inspiring her to write her first songs.

Laura describes herself as an antidisciplinary artist, focusing her work on creation through experimentation. Passionated about technology she has been self-producing music (unreleased) both analog and digitally, showcasing her commitment to continuous learning.

Her story is a celebration of diversity, a symphony of liberation, and a testament to the power of music in shaping one’s identity.



WHERE: Sophienkirche Berlin Mitte 

WHEN: 11.04.2024 20.00 h

WHAT: Live Show Yuvedo Foundation

WHERE :  „Zurück zu den Wurzeln“ – Festival 24´

WHEN : 06.06 – 09.06.2024

WHAT : Poetry Reading